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performingborders e-journal: Rallying the Commons & newsletter December 2022

14th December 2022

Rallying the Commons is here – we couldn’t be more excited to share our second e-journal

READ the e-journal HERE

The performingborders e-journal is a space to reflect on borders, live art, community, and resistance. Centering embodied knowledge and artists’ imagination as a space of knowledge production, the e-journal is a site to nourish and connect thinking and working practices. The theme of this year’s journal: Rallying the Commons stems from the process of rallying together, of commoning and communing, for the creation of something better and the maintenance of other ways of being. It is a movement away from disembodied discourse towards actions and gestures that let us consider what we can do when we harness our resources, time, bodies, and care, to collectivize them. 

In the e-journal, you’ll find contributions from artists and activists working across cultural and political spaces. We are excited to share sonic listening rituals by Ximena Alarcón-Díaz and Sheila Ghelani’s tender reflections on care in the art sector. Helena Walsh reflects on the role of feminist organising and art activist groups within an Irish context. Harun Morrison shares his collaboration with horticulturist Antonia Couling and their work The Anchor, The Drum, The Ship. Elif Sarican and Dilar Dirik write on hevaltî- revolutionary friendship reflecting  on the Kurdish Women’s Movement. Lara Khaldi from The Question of Funding  shares with us community-centered funding models and the use of Dayra within their project in Palestine. And we close with a Budget Commission by Jack Ky Tan who has been reflecting with us on  budgets, value systems and thinking beyond numbers. We hope that within these words, sounds, images, and gestures you find echoes of resistance that allow us to continue the necessary work of imagining other worlds. 

We also have an exciting announcement about a paid PhD award opportunity in collaboration with Central School of Speech & Drama, for more information on the opportunity and how to apply, please see this LINK.

Finally, we are excited to host on our platform the SPIRAL Open Archive by PartSuspended collective: enjoy the creations of this ongoing performance art project that unites women’s voices in an exchange of languages, cultures, and personal narratives. 


We hope you have a good end of the year, have some time to rest, and get to spend some time with your chosen families. To more plotting, planning, and resisting in 2023!