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performingborders | Year-Round, Feb 2016 – Feb 2017

28th February 2017

So here we are, the first year of performingborders ends in February!

Although the project was thought as a one-year interview-based research, I feel I’ve just scratched the surface of a much deeper journey into live art, borders and Europe (and whatever these words mean in our current socio-political climate).

The February newsletter presents the last interviewee of this first year, artist and activist Lucia Palmero and a guest post by Elena Marchevska on her project about privilege and displacement. Moreover you will find a year-round of artists, arts organisations and academics who contributed sharing their perspectives: Lois KeidanTania El KhouryNúria GüellHelena WalshAlmir KoldzicNatasha DavisMarilena ZarouliaSara ZaltashKai Syng TanFederica MazzaraLisa AlexanderMichaela Crimmin, Lucia Palmero…Thank you!!

Along with events, projects and contributions performingborders has  organised or been involved in: Open conversation at CSM in March 2016; ‘Crisis’ in Excess: Performing Europe Today at Winchester University in April 2016; ‘Performing Borders‘  Live Art Development Agency’s Study Room Guide (to which an appendix will be added this Spring); a review of ‘Portable Borders for the special issue of Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture; the POST after-event discussion with Xavier de Sousa and Dr. Sarah Fine at Ovalhouse.

Finally, thank you to all of you who have been following, interacting, sharing their views and please keep getting in touch. I’m developing the next step of performingborders…This is not a goodbye but an arrivederci!


Featured image credits: Digital sketch for multi-platform project Life On The Run / Running Into Difference 2017-2020. Copyright: Kai Syng Tan.