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Temporary Works: Covid-19 Update | Residency by Critical Interruptions

14th July 2020

Temporary Works: Covid-19 Update
by Critical Interruptions

Temporary Works is a digital archive of real, imagined and potential closures and notices of termination in and around Deptford. The project collects and speculates on disappearances and terminations prompted or made visible by the Covid-19 pandemic. Drawing on speculative fiction and queer approaches to the archive, Temporary Works maps closures in Deptford from an imposed distance, using dislocation to experiment with forms of remote participation.

Temporary Works begins from the language of pandemic management, occupying and dislodging the voice, vocabulary and terminology of crisis governance to investigate what an emergency reveals about precarious structures, migration, labour and community building that predate it. The artefacts produced for Temporary Works collapse the authority of official documents, of instructional or declarative language, and render visible what falls between the cracks: what lies at the borders.
Commissioned by performingborders for performingbordersLIVE20
Supported by The Albany and Deptford Lounge, with funds from Arts Council England

Critical Interruptions is a Serbo-Romanian critical cooperative founded by Diana Damian-Martin and Bojana Janković. Collectively, they talk, perform, write and think about migration, borders, internationalism and Eastern European identities and diasporic cultures. 

Bojana Janković is an Eastern European artist making work about immigration: national and displaced identities, migrant labour, cultural, economic and social practices, and structural discrimination of immigrants. Her performances, installations, texts, and non-denominational works have appeared in physical and digital spaces in the UK, Serbia, and internationally, including at Tate Modern (London), Center for Art on Migration Politics (Copenhagen), ODD (Bucharest), and in collaboration with Performing Arts Hub (Norway) and Home Live Art (Hastings). Bojana’s practice is rooted in engagement with marginalised audiences and disruptive of canonical aesthetics and modes of participation.  

Diana Damian Martin is a writer, researcher and educator. Her work sits at the intersection between performance, writing, political theory and migration. In her work, she explores alternative critical practices, feminist modes of exchange, and ecological and representational poetics of migration, with a focus on Eastern Europe. Diana is editor of (states of) wake: Dedicating Performance (2018) and On Time: A SPILL Reader (2018), and co-hosts Something Other, a platform for experiments at the border between writing and performance, and The Department of Feminist Conversations, an open collective exploring feminist modes of gathering and exchange.