Three listening rituals in Sonic Migrations | Ximena Alarcón-Díaz | Rallying the Commons

This writing was created for perfromingborders’ 2022 e-journal: Rallying the Commons 

Ximena Alarcón-Díaz’s shares sonic migration rituals that create journeys that strengthen our individual and collective sense of agency.

Listen to the the Sonic Migration Rituals HERE

Image: Intimal Research Process, Ximena Alarcón-Díaz

Ximena Alarcón-Díaz is a sound artist-researcher interested in listening and sounding our sonic migrations: the resonances of geographical migrations. She is a Deep Listening® certified tutor, with a PhD in Music Technology and Innovation. Throughout her career, she has created telematic sonic improvisations and interfaces for relational listening, to understand sensorially migratory experiences. Her major works are Sounding Underground (IOCT-DMU, Leverhulme Trust, 2007-2009), the telematic sound performances’ series Networked Migrations (CRiSAP-UAL, 2011-2017), and INTIMAL: Interfaces for Relational Listening (RITMO-UiO, Marie Skłodowska Curie IF, 2017-2019). In Bath, with The Studio Recovery Fund 2021, she created the INTIMAL App© for people to explore their “migratory journeys”. Emerging from her INTIMAL project, Ximena leads a collective of Latin American migrant women – Intimal – who come together to listen to their migrations and expand their notions of femininity, territory and care. She teaches Deep Listening® at the Center for Deep Listening, and independently, with an emphasis on Sonic Migrations.

Ximena Alarcón-Díaz es una artista-investigadora sonora interesada en escuchar y sonorizar nuestras migraciones sonoras: las resonancias de las migraciones geográficas. Es tutora certificada en Deep Listening®, y tiene un doctorado en Música, Innovación y Tecnología. A lo largo de su carrera ha creado improvisaciones sonoras telemáticas e interfaces de escucha relacional, para comprender sensorialmente experiencias migratorias. Sus principales obras son Sounding Underground (IOCT-DMU, Leverhulme Trust, 2007-2009), la serie de performances sonoras telemáticas Networked Migrations (CRiSAP-UAL, 2011-2017) e INTIMAL: Interfaces for Relational Listening (RITMO-UiO, Marie Skłodowska Curie IF, 2017-2019). En Bath, con The Studio Recovery Fund 2021, creó la INTIMAL App© para que las personas exploren sus “viajes migratorios”. Emergente de su proyecto INTIMAL, Ximena lidera el colectivo Intimal de mujeres migrantes latinoamericanas escuchando sus migraciones y ampliando nociones de feminidad, territorio y cuidado. Ximena enseña Deep Listening® en el Center for Deep Listening, y de forma independiente, con énfasis en Migraciones Sónicas.