performingbordersRadio x Montez Press Radio | Howl Yuan

performingbordersRADIO Episode 6
Original broadcasting date:
 24 November 2023

performingbordersRadio explores the entanglement between Live Art and notions and lived experiences of intersectional and transnational borders, bi-monthly on Montez Press Radio. This radio space hosts and shares collaborative, sound-based performance work created with and by artists in the performingborders network.

This month, we end our radio residency with a conversation between performingborders and Howl Yuan to discuss socially engaged performance practices and the importance of using cultural work to weave connections between people and communities. Throughout the episode, we’ll hear excerpts from Howl’s work with sound, from song-making to podcasts and audio walks. 

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Artist bios:

Howl Yuan, or Yuan Cheng-Po, is a Taiwanese performance maker/writer/curator/researcher. His interests cross-cultural identity, mobility, site/place/space, and decolonized narratives. His works span different formats but are primarily performance-based, and are presented in theatres, galleries, festivals, beaches or gardens.


Instagram: @howlyuan