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performingborders newsletter | August 2023

14th August 2023

Our August 2023 newsletter is a very special one, with performingborders’ own Anahí Saravia Herrera expanding her research series Embodying Resistance/Encuerpando Resistencia. The focus on this month’s newsletter is based on Anahí’s research trip to Bolivia in late 2022-early 2023, where she interviewed artists and activists Mujeres Creando, Germinal, Movimiento Maricas Bolivia and Calle – Bienal de Performance to deeply reflect on what the role of performance and creative work is within political movements. A broad and wide-reaching investigative work, we invite you to dive in and engage with the words, actions, and thoughts of Bolivian socio-political contexts and how Anahí’s guests continue to place their body (and their art) at the forefront of resistance to normative violence.

Alongside this, you are also welcome to listen to our performingbordersRADIO Episode 3, where we invite Untethered Magic (Nairobi, Kenya) to reflect on their work and their incredible residency space. Following a 2-week residency we had with them in February 2023, we reflect on that experience and invite our in-residency colleagues (all of them Nairobi-based artists) to contribute with new sound-based art works. We hope you enjoy it!

On the topic of performingbordersRADIO, we are very excited to announce as well that you can now find all of our sound-based commissions, art works, interviews and podcast episodes on the various podcast-related platforms, such as the Podcast App (Apple), Spotify and SoundCloud.

Image credits: Jiwasanaka / Nosotras, 28 of June 2023, Movimiento Maricas Bolivia