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Twitter Residency Wrap-Up | The White Pube

14th July 2020

We started our website way back when in 2015, and it was during the final year of our uni course; we were young(er) hooligans with no clear understanding of how the art world could be so polite and maintain this strange professionalism even in criticism, when nothing seemed good or right. We tried to speak freely across all our writing, but it has always been the Twitter and Instagram posts that have caused a ruckus. (tbf there is no comment section on so that’ll be why). It feels extra nice then to have been invited by performingborders to take up a Twitter residency on their account, because it’s been like letting a person housesit for you when you know they have had lots of parties in their own place in the past. It was fine tho! A little Twitter holiday. We did the laundry before we left!

The residency was a good time to sit down and read things consciously. We went through the archive of posts and videos and interviews here, and between the two of us chose a good variety of subjects I think. We decided that the residency would play out like this: in the morning we’d let twitter followers know what the text-of-the-day was like a good soup, read all day, and then come back in the evening to digest in the form of a thread. The links below go out to each of those threads in their entirety – long form-ish, but still bitesize, neat.

We really enjoyed this way of working + the content we were being asked to engage with. I think it was a good way for us/audiences to learn more about artists when galleries are still mostly closed in lockdown. I am glad we were asked to come along.

The White Pube

Read Gabrielle and Zarina’s 7-day performingbordersLIVE20 Twitter residency’s threads here:


 Featured image credits: Oliie Adegboy


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