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IN CRISIS: GET YOUR COMMS HEAD ON | Sagar Shah & Jemima Yong | fragments for borderless futures

14th October 2021

This writing was created for perfromingborders’ 2021 e-journal:fragments for borderless futures.

“How much of one’s self-image is one expected to discard, when protecting an institution’s image?”

Jemima Yong and Sagar Shah get their comms heads on and consider the important boundary between the self and the institution in times of crisis – presenting three acts that question not only institutional response but where power, self, and the individual exist within institutional work.

Read the full text here: IN CRISIS: GET YOUR COMMS HEAD ON

Image credit: Imagine the sound coming out of these mouths, Jemima Yong

Jemima Yong is a performance maker and photographer. She is also a communications practitioner previously working at the Barbican Centre where she supported press campaigns for the public programme, managed the staff newsletter feature Artist at the Arts Centre and participated in anti-racist organising. 

Sagar Shah has worked in comms for 15 years – as a co-ordinator, as an officer, as a freelancer, as an assistant, as an intern, as a manager and as a human being.

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