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Budget Commission | Jack Ky Tan | Rallying the Commons

15th December 2022

This writing was created for perfromingborders’ 2022 e-journal: Rallying the Commons

Jack Ky Tan shares their Budget Commission, through which we explored the imposed value systems we work with and think about all that is not captured in our budgets.

Read the Budget Commission

Image credit: Credits: Image by Cleo Ciufolini-Cianetti.

Jack Ky Tan uses law, policy, social norms and customs as a medium of making art. He creates performances, sculpture and participatory projects that highlight the rules that guide human behaviour. In Jack’s social practice, he blurs the boundaries between art, governance and consultancy in order to help organisations reform and revision themselves using artistic thinking. Jack trained as a lawyer and worked in civil rights NGOs before becoming an artist. Jack’s practice-led PhD at Roehampton University explored legal aesthetics and performance art. He has taught sculpture at the Royal College of Art and University of Brighton, and politics at Goldsmiths.