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Collective Works | Workshop by Critical Interruptions

13th October 2020

Online Workshop 

Saturday 24th September 11am-1pm (BST

Free Tickets and Live captions: click here

Temporary Works – COVID-19 Update is an open access archive documenting real, imagined, and potential closures and notices of termination in and around Deptford. The project explores the local response to a global crisis: how communities respond to emergencies, and how states of emergencies are marshalled. Created in collaboration between two Hackney based writers and Deptford-based participants, Temporary Works maps what has changed and what has been lost (from local businesses to access to healthcare to community support) and for whom.

Originally created over a short digital residency, Temporary Works can be accessed here:

Collective Works brings the ideas of Temporary Works from Deptford to a digital commons, in search of further ways to distort borders- local and (inter)national- and queer archival processes. During the workshop, we will produce artefacts that speak to closures – real or fictional, as a result of Covid-19, preceding it, or yet to come. 

Participants are invited to bring a document of such a closure – something pertaining to a community they are connected to; this can be a photograph, a letter, a drawing, a sound, a recording, or an image, captured or found. Drawing on techniques developed within Temporary Works, we will collectively respond to these closures and author artefacts that collapse the authority of official documents, and of instructional or declarative language. Entries might be added to the Temporary Works website following the workshop. 


Critical Interruptions a Serbo-Romanian immigrant cooperative by Diana Damian-Martin and Bojana Janković, who collectively, talk, perform, write and think about migration, borders, internationalism and Eastern European identities and diasporic cultures. Critical Interruptions explors Live Art and performance criticism, with little regard for review, searching for critical forms and strategies in dialogue with Live Art and performance, wondering how to develop rigorous and relevant critical writing, and lure new writers into thinking about radical and experimental work.