PB Interviewees | Guest posts

march 2019 |; a place, of their own. (Paula McCloskey and Sam Vardy)

march 2019 | guest post: De-Bordering – A Performed Visual Dialogue by Áine Phillips and Helena Walsh

february 2019 |Xavier de Sousa’s reflections of performingborders | LIVE Manchester

january 2019 | Season Butler

december 2018 | There There

december 2018 | Instant Dissidence | Final interview

november 2018 | Emmanuel Guillaud 

november 2018 |guest post: Instant Dissidence | Brexit means…Antagonism

october 2018 | The Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade

october 2018 | guest post: EL Putnam | interview by Áine Phillips

september 2018 | Camille Barton

september 2018 | guest post: Instant Dissidence | First rehearsal of 10-minute solo at the PATS building

september 2018 | guest post: Zoran Todorović | interview by Burong (曾不容)

september 2018 | guest post: Lisa Alexander | Provocation for TO YOU TO YOU TO YOU: Love Letters to A (Post)Europe

august 2018 | Tara Fatehi Irani

july 2018 | Tarik Elmoutawakil for the queeringborders series by Xavier de Sousa

july 2018 | Lynn Lu

july 2018 | guest post: Abdul Abdullah and Pao Houa | double interview by Loredana Paracciani

june 2018 | Tanja Ostojić

may 2018 | Rita Marcalo – Instant Dissedence |Initial interview

may 2018 | Rachael Young for the queeringborders series by Xavier de Sousa

april 2018 | Sebastian H-W  for the queeringborders series by Xavier de Sousa

march 2018 | Greg Wohead  for the queeringborders series by Xavier de Sousa

february 2018 | Marikiscrycrycry for the queeringborders series by Xavier de Sousa

january 2018 | Esther Planas

january 2018 | guest post: Kevin Biderman | Revolting Eyes: A Reflection on the Recording Resistance Symposium

december 2017 | Eca Eps

november 2017 | Riccardo Matlakas

october 2017 | Mengting Zhou

september 2017 Xavier De Sousa 

september 2017 | Ireland Focus and Beyond: Martin Bureau

august 2017 | Ireland Focus 3/3: Brian Patterson, Amanda Coogan, Dominic Thorpe, Níamh Murphy (with thanks to the Fire Station Artists’ Studios, Dublin)

july 2017 | Ireland Focus 2/3: Suzanne Walsh, Katherine Nolan, Elvira Santamaría-Torres (with thanks to the Fire Station Artists’ Studios, Dublin)

june 2017 | Ireland Focus 1/3: Áine Phillips, Moran Been-noon, Noel Kelly  (with thanks to the Fire Station Artists’ Studios, Dublin)

may 2017 | Bill Aitchison  (The interview was first published in Something Other’s Chapter ‘On Migration’)

february 2017 | guest post: Elena Marchevska on live art, privilege, and displacement: ‘Misplaced women?The concept of hospitality in times of displacement’

february 2017 | Lucia Palmero

january 2017Michaela Crimmin (Culture+Conflict)

december 2016Lisa Alexander

november 2016Federica Mazzara (University of Westminster)

october 2016Kai Syng Tan  

september 2016Sara Zaltash 

august 2016Marilena Zaroulia (University of Winchester)

july 2016Natasha Davis

june 2016 | Almir Koldzic (Counterpoints Arts)

may 2016 | Helena Walsh

april 2016 | Núria Güell

march 2016 | Tania El Khoury

february 2016 | Lois Keidan (Live Art Development Agency)