Third Nature | Digital Conversations Commission by Elena Marchevska, Sebastian Aguirre, Syowia Kyambi and Carolyn Defrin

“Take your time

Take someone else’s time

It’s okay 

Hold hug be heartbroken

There are many broken hearts

still beating even though they are without what was there before”

(Third Nature, 2020)

The Third Nature digital conversation commission, consists of a film you can watch below and the ongoing digital discussion board that you can access through this link

Third Nature is an open-ended series of digital discussions: a riot of short reflections on lived, precarious, migrant experience patched onto bigger discussions on feminism and care. Our approach to the project felt borderless – without boundaries, In a creatively nurturing way.

The title of the discussion ‘Third nature,’ is borrowed from Anna Tsing. She argues that the term ‘first nature’ is based on established ecological relations (including humans) and ‘second nature’ refers to capitalist transformations of the environment. However, when she talks about “third nature”, she addresses the entities that manage to live despite capitalism. To even notice third nature, Tsing says, we must evade assumptions that the future is that singular direction ahead.

Third nature was on of the two successful application for performingbordersLIVE20 open call for digital conversations.

Commissioned by performingborders and Live Art Development Agency for performingbordersLIVE20 supported by the Centre for Research in Digital Story-making at London South Bank University, funded by Arts Council England.

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Length: 5m 50s
Language: English