Puzzling Home 家的形狀 | Ghost and John, Michael and Jane

Queer Art Projects and performiongborders responded to this commission through a conversation held in May 2023, to see this response alongside the performance to camera, see HERE.

Two travellers arrive at a black and white sandy beach. Carried with them are all shapes of all sizes, holding visions of their former lives. These memories are mismatched and misaligned, yet all together form a picture we fantasise as “home”.

Accompanied by a poem built up by collaging Cantopop lyrics, this performance-to-camera work looks at the figurative of live performances’ ephemerality and the disappearance of home. We witnessed how meanings break and disintegrate in the face of feelings. With shared lived experiences in activism and migration, we form a puzzle designed to be disassembled. 

*For the best first viewing experience, you are recommended to watch using a large screen with earphones on.

會註定流失吧 金線刺繡的歌詞  

Lost are the lyrics embroidered with golden threads

自離別剎那 今生停頓了嗎

On pause are our lives since we’ve departed


True love should come in all shapes 

難以用斧頭一劈 叫畫面飛散 

But I can’t bring myself to set my heart in stone


The present is becoming unbearable 


Depriving me of sleep for countless nights  

何解 尚有數之不盡 遺下的心債 

Still, there are countless heart debts left behind 

敏感的我 假裝冷靜 

With my sensitivities suppressed

穿梭機附運舊時夢想 升空中跌死  

The spaceship that carries dreams of the olden days, crashed before reaching the sky 

沉醉謊話 霧霾𥚃選擇

Indulged in lies, picking with my eye blinded

越混濁時 越徬徨失重

Immersed in dirt, limbs drifting apart 


Tear washes my soul away

誰亦也是這樣 沿路看風雨漫漫 

Aren’t we all like this, wandering in the mizzle 

在曠野內得到幾次躊躇 遇過幾次瑣碎散聚 

Trembling and gathering on the vast grounds

移山填海 求兩腳落地 

Paving bricks just to stay afloat

這個世界𥚃我太渺小 生命在融掉 

Lives melt away in the deep space

無辦法接受現實 自製假想能延續故事 

Souls stay and fantasise about the stories beyond the rave


All words are in vain


Lips, held shut

降淚時 又如何避免  

Crying rivers of tears 

暗地也有傷口 無法善後 

Wounds beneath the sleeves are left unattended

假使間給你再做 問你又會否寄望更高 

Would you dare to dream the same dream 

天就算灰 始終想守到月牙  

I held myself until the moon waxes


I crossed the water and came this far


Don’t forget how soaked you were

而這票尾 還應否捨棄 

How could you toss this ticket afar

為了找人生 不同形狀 未知的 放手去擁抱一趟
To find the possible shapes of life I’ve decided to embrace the unknown 

記憶隨夢中飛走 眼淚乾透 散落心底的窗口 

Memories are fading with tears turn into mist on the window 


But I still see piece of you everywhere

為你編花成籃 花光了時間 

Basket embroidered with flowers bloomed through the seasons 

冬去夏來 沒春秋的證據 

Leaving no traces of our lives


Put this ticket behind

任歲月再壞 不致心慌 

Let heartbreaks be sufferable

Production credits:

Concept: Ghost and John, Michael and Jane 

Film Editing: Michael Mui Ting Fai
Sound Mixing: Ghost Chan
Poem Collage and Translation: Jane Lam, John Chan
Cinematography: Ivan Wong and his film crew

Body Paint: Lau Hiu Tung

Performance: Ghost and John

Song referenced:
Song – Singer – Lyricist
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Commissioned by performingborders and Queer Art Projects
Supported by Arts Council England and Necessity Fund

Ghost and John are a Hong Kong multidisciplinary art duo best known for their innovative integration of performance and contemporary technologies; and collaborative approach to making socio-politically pertinent artworks. Drawing from their experiences of working in biology and computer science, they have developed a dynamic artistic practice that examines the intricacies of the body and nature, technological advances and folklore that accompany history. Their works have been presented internationally at Bloomsbury Festival and CCA Goldsmiths in London, ImPulsTanz in Vienna and Tai Kwun and Goethe-Institut in Hong Kong. They are co-founders of Hidden Keileon CIC – A multidisciplinary artist-led non-profit enterprise aiming at building inter-racial solidarity, creating the yet-to-exist and hard-to-imagine. ghostandjohn.art 

Jane is a photographer and a filmmaker. After moving to London from Hong Kong in 2021, she completed an MA in film and philosophy (distinction) at King’s College London. Her visual dissertation, ‘What My Video Remembers: Constructing a Floating Hong Kong Subjectivity with Home Movies’ has received Honourable Mention from the Department of Film Studies. She is also the awardee for the 2022/23 Architecture Photography Fund, and is working towards her first photography exhibition in July 2023. lamjane.com

Michael MUI is an independent filmmaker from Hong Kong who worked as a visual director in the city’s largest television broadcasting company. With a background in stage performance and extensive experience in directing, editing, and screenwriting, Michael has become an all-rounded filmmaker with a unique voice who specialises in using creative visual representations to encapsulate mood and feelings. His films and documentaries have been recognised in film festivals and competitions such as Sundance Hong Kong, Gatsby Creative Awards, and Red Bird Film Festival. michaelmuifilm.com

​​Queer Art Projects (QAP) is an artist led creative production company that curates and produces art projects like exhibitions, performances, screenings, talks and workshops, commissioning new work from queer artists on cutting edge contemporary issues and brings existing work together in contexts that underline their relevance and resonance.  QAP is founded and managed by the duo Tuna Erdem & Seda Ergul, London based queer artists, originally from Turkey, who have been partners for more than a decade. QAP’s projects have been predominantly funded by the Arts Council England (ACE) in partnership with various organisations like Every Woman Biennial, Goldsmiths University, Bonington Gallery etc. QAP has a digital platform that has recently been turned into an online commercial gallery for queer art. qap.digital