a place to sit | Tara Fatehi Irani | fragments for borderless futures

This commission was created for perfromingborders’ 2021 e-journal: fragments for borderless futures.

Tara Fatehi Irani’s new commission a place to sit is launched in our e-journal: fragments for borderless futures. 

Many voices speak through Tara Fatehi Irani’s performance to camera a place to sit, which through movement and narration follows stories of borders from three Afghanistani women – Bibi Gol Azad, Fatema Tavasoli, Nazari – and considers the felt experience of borders, moving through time, the body and memory.

Watch the full commission here: a place to sit

Image credit: Sarah Feli

Tara Fatehi Irani is a performer, artist, writer and educator. She has performed at the Royal Academy of Arts, SPILL Festival, Nuffield Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre, and in houses, basements, streets, parks, and a gym amongst others. The book of her yearlong daily series of 365 performances Mishandled Archive is published by LADA (2020). tarafatehi.com 

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