Riccardo Matlakas | November 2017

Alessandra Cianetti:

1.A MB OK1.B melting Borders yerevan_OK

Melting Borders by Riccardo Matlakas, Yerevan, Armenia (2017). Photos by Elizabeth Gerdeman.

Riccardo Matlakas:


Alessandra Cianetti:


The Last Soldier by Riccardo Matlakas, Stepanakert, Artzakh (2017). Performed at the border city between Karabakh/Artzakh and Azerbajan. Photos by Armyne Vanyan.

Riccardo Matlakas:


Alessandra Cianetti:


Saffron Tears by Riccardo Matlakas, Tehran, Iran (2017). Photos by Roudabeh Takarami, Fereidoun Farboud, Zahara Amorollahi.

Riccardo Matlakas:

Riccardo Matlakas is a multi-disciplinary artist based in London. He has worked internationally often using the urban context as a stage, creating interventions in the forefront of current political, environmental and spiritual concerns. He received a degree in Sculpture and an MA degree in Social Sculpture from the Oxford Brookes University, whilst continuing his training in dance alongside. Riccardo has participated in several collective exhibitions and performance events in Europe but also joined several events internationally including Moscow Biennale for young artists in 2010 and Gwangju Biennale in 2014. Matlakas has been a guest of several residency programs in South Africa, Palestine, Armenia, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Myanmar, Mauritius and South Korea.


Featured image credits: Prot’Action performed by Matlakas, London (2017). Photo by Anne-Camille LMG. More info on this performance here.

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